How MENOFEM is designed to support women throughout their entire female cycle.

Asian women experience considerably less menopause discomfort than women from Western countries. This is due to a different diet and lifestyle.

In the Far East, soy and pulses have been part of the daily menu since ancient times. In these countries women consume far more isoflavones. These are hormone-like substances belonging to the phyto-estrogens, or vegetable estrogens. In many Asian languages there is not even a word for hot flashes. It is a very rare phenomenon there. As far as lifestyle is concerned, living in larger family groups, women receive more help and support in daily life than women in Western countries.

Herbs used in our MENOFEM:

Saraca indica has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive organs and supports a normal menstrual cycle.

Asparagus racemosus is a plant of the asparagus family. In Ayurvedic medicine it is called Shatavari (elsewhere satavar or shatamull), or ‘ginseng for women’. In Ayurvedic medicine, shatavari is an important herb for women.

It is a tonic for the uterus and helps maintain good comfort before and after the menstrual cycle. It has a beneficial effect on sleep function (helps in falling asleep), supports mental function and helps the body cope with stress. Asparagus helps with menopause symptoms and regulates the menstrual cycle.

Symplocos racemosus
has cooling properties and supports a comfortable menstrual cycle and the health of the female reproductive organs. It supports the cleansing effect of the liver, helps purify the blood and helps maintain blood clotting function. Symplocus helps to keep the skin healthy and improves the complexion.

Valeriana officinalis
(true valerian) occurs naturally in Europe. At least 200 species of valerian are known, the most important being Valeriana officinalis (Europe), Valeriana edulis (Mexico) and Valeriana wallichii (India). Valerian is a natural sedative and has a favourable influence on the sleep function.

Vitex nigundo (Nirgundi) is one of the most useful plants in the Indian system of medicine and has a traditional use.

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