Beauty does not only consist of beautiful skin. Our hair and nails also do a lot for our appearance and self-confidence. You can look radiant with beautiful hair and strong nails. We have developed this Hair & Nails range especially to make you look your best!


Our NOURISH contains 10 special Ayurvedic herbs with very wide-ranging effects. Some of these herbs support good circulation in the microvessels, allowing the supply of nutrients to take place optimally. Nourish helps improve hair volume, for beautiful-looking and strong hair. It also helps maintain a good complexion and soothe the skin.


A liposomal silica from bamboo, that's our UNBREAKABLE. Also known by the term silica, the mineral is found in our hair, skin and nails. Want to experience the power of strong hair and nails? Go for irresistibly strong hair and good-looking nails with Unbreakable.


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Our HAIR & NAILS Supplements

Strengthen your hair and nails with our capsules

Your hair and fingernails are like your business card: they reveal a lot about the people to whom they belong, including information about your state of health. When your nutrition is inadequate, or when you are stressed, your nails and hair will show the first signs of this. This happens because your body distributes important materials first to parts as your heart and brain. When you take our body health supplements, you make sure your body has enough to spare for body parts such as your skin, hair, and nails. We also help you feel mentally secure with our mental health supplements.

Our supplements for nails and hair capsules help your nails and hair grow more quickly

Hair grows from the hair root, which is embedded in the skin. There, it absorbs nutrients for the growth and structure of the hair. Healthy hair grows about 0,4 inches per month. Healthy nails grow between 0,8 and 2 inches per month. Support beautiful, firm nails and strong, voluminous hair with our hair capsules and nail supplements. You can also find various skin products in our online store and use our renew capsules to repair your skin, for example.

Order the best supplements for your nails at our online store

Do you want to start growing stronger nails and hair? Order your supplements for nails today and experience what the powerful products of Beauty by CellCare can do for you withing three to six weeks. Contact us if you want more advice about our products or how to use them. You can reach us by phone by calling +31 (0) 33 20 95 40 0 or you can send an e-mail to